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This is a brief description of the activities that we, the members of the Flying Needles Quilt Guild, do throughout the year.  Each member is encouraged to make at least one Quilt of Valor and at least one charity project per year.

FUNDRAISERS: Hannah Schott

Flying Needles has two primary fundraisers- an Opportunity Quilt and a Quilt of Valor.  The members of the guild construct these quilts and tickets are offered for a donation.  The proceeds from the Opportinity Quilt are used to fund other guild events and programs, while the proceeds from the Quilt of Valor fund the QOV program.  The coordinators for each of these projects chooses a pattern and purchases the fabric.  Kits are prepared and given to the membership to complete.  Once all the blocks are returned, they are sewn into a quilt top which is then quilted.  When the quilt has been bound, a photo is taken and packets of tickets are sold by members.  Tickets are typically $1.00 each or six (6) tickets for $5.00.  The drawing for the winner of the Opportunity Quilt is at the December general meeting of every odd-numbered year, and the drawing for the Quilt of Valor is drawn in February of even-numbered years.  

RETREAT/QUILT SHOW: Kaye Joachim/Linda Weiss

These events are scheduled for the last weekend in February of each year.  Retreats are held in even-numbered years, and quilt shows in odd-numbered years.

NEEDLENOTES: Jayne Pendergast

Each member recieves a newsletter that is delivered either by email or USPS at the end of the month.  It contains information regarding the guild's upcoming meetings and workshops, contact information on our newest members, as well as the latest news and activities.

HOSPITALITY/DOOR PRIZES: Mary Ann Sharp/Christina Belcher

Members are encouraged to provide door prizes and refreshments at least once a year. The coordinator provides a sign-up sheet for each month.  


THE BOM coordinator designs--or chooses a pattern--and then prepares a complete kit including instructions.  Kits are $10.00 with two options: a Quilt of Valor option and a regular version.

UFO: Sharon Jacobs

Members sign up in January with a list of twelve (12) unfinished projects.  Each month the coordinator will select a number from one through twelve.  The project corresponding to that number on your list should be finished by the next month's meeting.  If you do not complete your project on time, you must "pay" a fat quarter.  The member who finishes all twelve projects will receive all the fat quarters that have been "paid."


Members who wish to participate will bring up to three (3) 2 1/2" X WOF strips of the designated color/theme to the meeting.  The member will sign each strip on the selvedge and place the strips in the bag provided by the coordinator.  The coordinator will shake the bag carefully and select a strip from the bag.  The member whose name is on that strip will win all of the strips and will choose the color or theme for the following month.


The coordinator chooses a block pattern and determines the number of blocks required.  She will then prepare a sample block for the January meeting.  Members who sign up will turn in half of their blocks at the June meeting and the remainder at the November meeting.  The coordinator will sort, divide, and return all of the blocks to the participating members at the December Pot Luck Luncheon.

QUILTS OF VALOR: Ginger Maddox

These quilts are made by our members and presented to any member of the US Armed Forces who is currently serving or has served honorably.  The QOV Coordinator will provide kits; however, most members prefer to make their own quilt  tops.  Our guild has the distinction of donating well over 100 quilts per year--the most of any guild in the Southeast United States.


If a member is aware of another member who has experienced a blessing, a loss, or is not well, the Coordinator sends cards to let them know the guild has them in our thoughts.


Members are encouraged to make various items--Christmas stockings, small quilts, drawstring bags and pillowcases, Alzheimer's fidget blocks--for the different charity organizations throughout Okaloosa and Walton counties.  The Coordinator can provide kits and will schedule workshops throughout the year.


Members are encouraged to bring food or make monetary donations.  The Coordinator stays in contact with the local office, and a list of needed items is published each month in the newsletter.


In May of each year, volunteers from the guild teach young adults at our local college how to use a sewing machine and introduce them to the art of quilting.


This is usually the last activity of each monthly meeting. Members bring completed projects to demonstrate their accomplishments.  Pictures are taken and published in the newsletter. 


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