december block 2020


BEADS designed by Donna Jordon for Jordan Fabrics is an easy fun block.  It may be found under the name of Chandelier or Chandelier Beads.  Our block will measure 11 inches unfinished and is set on point with four blocks in row one, three blocks in the next row alternating (4 then 3) for 7 rows. You will be making a total of 25 blocks.  The first 15 blocks are due at the June meeting, and the final 10 blocks are due at the November meeting.  You will receive 25 different blocks at the December 2020 social. See below for pattern download.

Fabric Requirements

  • 8 or more jewel colored fat quarters (prints that read as solids; no white, gray or black). 
  • Variety of 8 white on white fat quarters for background 

Cutting Instructions

From yardage cut 1 @ 6” x 44” and 1 strip 3” x 44” from jewel colored fabrics; cut in half to get 3” x 22” strips. 

If using fat quarters cut 6” x 22” and 3” x 22” strips from each jewel colored 


Background:  Use a variety of white on white prints, cut 3” strips and 9” strips 

from yardage, fat quarters or fat eighths. If using 44” strips, cut in half.

Sewing Instructions

Make a strip unit with a 6” jewel colored strip and 2 of the 3” white background strips.  Press seams toward the center strip.  Sub-cut into 6” segments.  Cut a total of 25 units from your strips. 

Note: You can make three blocks from each jewel toned fat quarter.

December Block Downloadable Pattern

Click Download below for December Block 2020 Downloadable Pattern. 

Edit for pattern: Background should be in 9" strips, not 8" strips.