UFO Group

What is UFO group?

 The UFO group is open to all members who would like to reduce the number of their unfinished projects.  Participating members will hand in a list of 11 unfinished projects to the UFO Coordinator.  Each month, the coordinator will choose a number and the participating members will have one month to finish the project on their list that matches the number.  A small show and tell of the finished projects will be held at the meetings.  Members who do not complete their project in the given month are asked to bring a fat quarter of fabric.  Members may opt to use two months to complete their projects, twice during the year.  If the project is not completed in two months’ time, the member owes two fat quarters.  At the end of the year, the member who has completed the most projects during the year wins all the fat quarters.  Please contact the UFO Coordinator, Sharon Jacobs, with any questions. 


What do i bring?



Please bring your list of 11 UFOs for the year.  

Please work on UFO #10 for the February meeting.


Please work on UFO #  5 for the March meeting.


Please work on UFO #  7 for the April meeting.